Who are we?

We are a business focused, independent IT consultancy with decades of experience in the industry. We help our clients deliver change and enhance performance through technology, ensuring that investments deliver optimal value.

We deliver on our commitments and pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering successful outcomes.

Why choose us?

We have developed our trusted status through the provisioning of ethical consultancy services, enabling our clients to achieve their desired outcomes. We work across a broad spectrum of IT and business related disciplines.

Our core values of Honesty, Integrity and Fairness are fundamental to the way in which we operate and create a unique customer experience.


In holding these core values across our business we build trust and respect within our client community, creating powerful collaboration, adding value at all levels.

Our team instinctively engage with positive intent and do the right thing, promoting a supportive community, always focusing on quality to deliver successful outcomes.

Our Reputation

Our reputation comes down to how we work with others – the trust we develop with them and the commitments that we keep to them. We continue to enhance our reputation as the ‘trusted’ supplier of choice by maintaining our ethics and building lasting relationships.

Our Success

Our success is determined by our continued ability to secure and empower talented people who are attracted to our key values and the behaviours which underpin our daily activities.

Our People

Leading Resolutions Tree Frog

Why the frog?

We share a number of characteristics with our frog emblem.

We are designed to be perfectly suited for our purpose and to our environment. Like the tiny agalychnis callidryas, we are always hungry for information and we are highly sensitive to it. Clarity of vision is important to us both.

We use our experience to interpret what we find, analyse it and then take appropriate action to fast-track the best possible result. For the tree frog this is a matter of survival and for us it’s our reputation.

Like the frog we blend with our surroundings. We merge seamlessly within our client culture, achieving goals without attracting attention. In fact, one client was kind enough to recognise that our ability to ‘navigate sensitively through their diverse cultures’ was key to their programme success.

And like our little friend who lives in the tree tops, we have a head for heights, operating comfortably and effectively at the highest corporate levels and yet happy to come down to ground level if that is what the job requires.